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‘Virtually Gives 360-Degree Profile Into A Person’s Online Activity’: Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy Challenged In Delhi High Court

A writ petition has been filed in the Delhi High Court challenging the new Privacy Policy introduced by instant messaging app, WhatsApp, as being violative of the citizens’ Right to Privacy and threatening the National Security of India. The petition has been filed by Advocate Chaitanya Rohilla, stating that the updated Policy gives the Company virtually a 360-degree profile into a person’s online activity. “This level of insight into a person’s private and personal activities is done without any government oversight at present or regulatory supervision. Moreover, in the absence of a data protection authority, it leaves the users with a company’s own assurances and privacy policies,” the plea states. Thus, he has urged the High Court to issue an injunction order, restraining WhatsApp from enforcing the updated privacy policy, with immediate effect. He has also sought guidelines/ directions to ensure that any change in Privacy Policy by WhatsApp is carried out strictly in accordance with the Fundamental Rights.

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