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We Are Project Managers

We always plan, execute and evaluate our projects. We make sure we clearly communicate expectations internally and to Our Clients. We recognize that in a dynamic and myriad legal world, the needs of our clients and our practice never stay the same.

We Remain Responsible and Accountable

We take personal responsibility when it comes to meeting the needs of our Clients and our business. We do not make excuses. If we see it, we own it, and we make sure it gets done.

We are Kind, Polite and Courteous

We are always friendly and show a concern for others. We value a culture of openness where everyone is treated fairly and has an opportunity to contribute effectively. We treat people with respect and dignity.

We Remain Grateful

We are always thankful and appreciative of all opportunities that come our way, personally and professionally

We Have Fun

Though we approach our mission with passion and commitment, we never take ourselves too seriously.   Fun helps us keep perspective. Laugh often!

We Are a Team

We capitalize on the creativity, energy and passion that working together creates. An enriching work environment generates better results.

We Practice Excellence

We always strive to be the best in what we do. We read, update and reflect to improve our performance continually and stress the importance of quality and productivity.

We are in Partnership with Our Clients

We are all on one team, goal and mission. Everyone has an important role in achieving greatness. We are more than just a law firm.

We Set and Manage Expectations 

We evaluate situations not by what happens, but by how they compare to what we expected to happen. We have learned to create mutually understood expectations in every situation.

We Embrace Change

Nothing stays the same. Especially in our legal practice. We are excited by changes and energized and inspired by both the challenges and the possibilities these create.

We Are Honest 

Open and honest communication is the best foundation for any client-attorney relationship. We endeavour to loyal, friendly, compassionate, and a good listener.

We Are a Family

Our interpersonal relationships go deeper than simply being teammates at work. We genuinely care for and about each other.

We are Responsive

Our Clients expect us to respond to their questions and concerns quickly. We follow through on our promises and we consistently follow-up to ensure that everything is completed in accordance with the commitment we made.

We Celebrate Success

We build people up by giving meaningful (timely, specific, impactful) acknowledgement and appreciation and by celebrating both individual and team successes. Success in a matter, team members’ personal achievement or special days are celebrated impromptu at our terrace garden, thereby building strong bonds as a family

We Value the Environment

We are environment conscious and in our small ways we ensure that. We have put in place rainwater harvesting, use recycled paper and have large open windows to optimize usage. A rooftop garden adds to the effort towards keeping the place green. It also serves as a space for our teammates to work outdoors, to get reflective and spend quiet time by themselves

We Work Hard

We “bring it” every day. While skill, talent, and knowledge are necessary for good results in legal advisory, passion is the energy that fuels our extraordinary performance.

We do not accept Mediocrity 

We take pride in the quality of everything we touch, advise and do. We will always work to be better tomorrow than we are today. We will always think big.

We Choose to be Happy

Joy and laughter bring us closer together and make us look forward to coming to work each day.

Our practices and successes are rooted in these core values – as a law firm and as individuals


To be honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions. To honor our commitments and to be accountable for our actions, successes and failures. To do the right thing, even when it’s not profitable or convenient.

Client Focus

To fully comprehend our Clients’ requirements, challenges and objectives and to maximize the value of our services including safeguarding the security and confidentiality of their information.

Intellectual Rigour

To be meticulous in our attention to details, extensive research and legal analyses. To extract larger meaning from data and information to support objective legal and commercial assessment, optimal decision making and innovation.


To seek, share and respect diverse professional perspectives and to function as a team with our colleagues, clients and third-party providers. To openly communicate and share all relevant information consistently and constructively.

Excellent Client Service

To retain full control over the service we provide to our Clients. This is the cornerstone of ALO and our most important core value.

“Intellectual Rigour and Inventive Guidance”

ALO provides effective, efficient and quality legal services through its expert and experienced team of lawyers supplemented by a network of professional associates and relationships across India, Dubai and Singapore giving ALO a Pan Indian footprint. The firm and its constituents are privileged to represent a wide range of International and Indian clients.

ALO’s comprehensive corporate and M&A practice extends to foremost areas including Mergers and Reorganizations; Structured, Negotiated and tough acquisitions; fully or partially owned cross border Strategic, Greenfield and Private Equity Investment and Debt Syndication and International and Domestic business associations, Ventures and Contracting.

ALO has extensive experience in Corporate and Project Finance extending to Equity, Debt and Derivatives Structuring, regulation and governance and structuring of revenue models; Infrastructure and Project Contracting, financing and loan syndication.

ALO has a full continuum Dispute Resolution practice extending to general commercial litigation at all levels including the Supreme Court, High Courts and Specialized Tribunals across India. competition and antitrust disputes and shareholder and ownership control litigation and resolution.

ALO also maintains a deep practice in the space of alternate dispute resolutions including National and International Arbitration and Mediation.

“Specialisation of Asia Law Offices include”

  • Corporate and Commercial advice, including M&A and Private Equity
  • Corporate and Venture Finance
  • Energy and Infrastructure
  • Dispute Resolution including mainstream litigation and international commercial arbitration
  • Insolvency & Asset Reconstruction
  • Tax and Regulatory Structuring Corporate and Commercial advice, including M&A and Private Equity
  • Banking and Finance
  • Criminal Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Employment and HR