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‘It’s A Private App, If You Don’t Want To, Don’t Use It’: Delhi High Court on Plea Against WhatsApp’s Updated Privacy Policy

Observing that WhatsApp is a ‘private app’ and that the users voluntarily use the app even though they have the option to not use it, the Delhi High Court said that it will only issue notice in the petition once it understands the concern of the petitioner against the application and its contentious updated privacy policy. The single judge bench of Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva of the Delhi High Court asked the petitioner, Adv Chaitanya Rohilla who has challenged Whatsapp’s updated privacy policy, “What is your grievance? It’s a private app, don’t join it.”
Justice Sachdeva further said to the petitioner, “I doubt that you have read any of the policies of any of the apps, you’ll be shocked as to what all you consent to, and it is all voluntary, if you don’t want, don’t use the app. I am yet to understand your concern. Until I understand it, I will not issue notice on your plea.”

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