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Trusts and Estates

Trusts and Estates

ALO provides trust and estate management and preservation services to private individuals, families, and companies. We render advise on every aspect of trust law, including establishment, restructuring and revocation and termination of trusts. ALO has experience in expeditiously handling complexities of wealth preservation of assets underlying offshore trusts and the orderly transfer of wealth during life or at death. It advises on developing bespoke strategies and structures plans to pass wealth from one generation to the next, having regard to complicated present or potential problems inter-se beneficiaries and the complex nature of assets involved.

ALO’s Trusts and Estates lawyers work closely with ALO’s Dispute Resolution teams and handles matter such as:

  • Structuring and formation of Trusts with all associated documentation etc.
  • Action on behalf of or against Trustees;
  • Dispute resolution among beneficiaries and/or between beneficiaries and trustees;
  • Representation of minor beneficiaries;
  • Obtaining court approval for the variations or resettlement of trusts;
  • Seeking directions of court on behalf of trustees or beneficiaries;
  • Obtaining court orders to managing the estate or trust, transferring assets to the beneficiaries

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