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Asia Law Offices enters into Global Collaborations with IICCI

Asia Law Offices (“ALO”) proudly aligns with the Indian Importers Chambers of Commerce and Industries (“IICCI”) as their ‘Platinum Member’ sharing platform space with the esteemed Mr. Atul Kumar Saxena, President of IICCI.

Mr. Atul Kumar Saxena stands as a globetrotting entrepreneur of the new era, overseeing the operational footprint of AUM Group across 40 countries. His distinct honors include being appointed by the governments of Oman (OCIPED), Syria, and Kuwait (KBCC) to champion their trade and commerce interests in India. Additionally, Mr. Saxena serves as a key office bearer in commercial interest societies globally, notably as the Vice President of the Indian-Vietnam Friendship Association.

This collaboration not only signifies the convergence of legal acumen and international business prowess but also exemplifies ALO’s commitment to offering comprehensive support in the ever-evolving global business landscape.