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Asia Law Offices Joins in the Celebration of Ethiopia’s National Day

On 28 May 2023, the vibrant colours of Ethiopia’s National Day came to life at the Ethiopian Embassy in New Delhi, marking a momentous occasion that brought together nations in a celebration of unity and shared heritage. Asia Law Offices (“ALO”) was honoured to participate in this cultural extravaganza, adding its presence to the festivities.

The Ethiopian National Day celebration at the Embassy was a jubilant affair, weaving together cultural richness, traditional performances, and the warm hospitality that Ethiopia is known for. The event, which commemorates the founding of the African Union, provided a platform for guests and participants to immerse themselves in the diverse tapestry of Ethiopia’s history and vibrant culture.

Mrs. Namrata Mukund, Head, Strategy and Business Development attended the event, fostering connections and engaging with the Ethiopian community. The occasion allowed for meaningful interactions, creating a bridge between cultures and strengthening ties between ALO and the Ethiopian diplomatic community.