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Scope Of Section 9 Of The A&C Act Cannot Be Extended To Enforcement Of The Arbitral Award: Calcutta High Court

[15 April 2022] The Calcutta High Court has ruled that the scope of Section 9 of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 (A&C Act) cannot be extended to enforcement of the arbitral award or granting the fruits of the award to the award holder as an interim measure.
The Single Bench of Justice Ravi Krishan Kapur held that the right to withdraw the amount deposited by the award debtor, pursuant to an application filed for stay of operation of the award under Section 36(2), does not constitute as an interim protection under Section 9 of the A&C Act since it transgresses into the domain of enforcement of the award. The Court thus, dismissed the application filed by the petitioner.

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