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“Victim Being Educated Not Immune To Cheating”: Delhi HC Denies Anticipatory Bail To Navy Officer Accused Of Raping Woman On Pretext Of Marriage

Observing that a victim being an educated lady is not immune to cheating, the Delhi High Court has denied anticipatory bail to an Indian Navy Officer accused of raping a woman on pretext of marrying her. Justice Yogesh Khanna observed: “No doubt, the victim is an educated lady, but is an educated person immune to cheating. The answer would be “no”. The facts do show the petitioner and prosecutrix did have such relations to kindle a hope in the prosecutrix that the petitioner shall marry her at all costs. It was not illogical for her to think so.” “No doubt, the petitioner is a senior officer in Indian Navy, hence was required to show a more responsible behavior than the prosecutrix. Can he be allowed to play with her dignity on the pretext he cohabited with her just for fun and later claim she is extorting money from him. Such allegations if not backed with proof are rather insulting.” The Court was dealing with an anticipatory bail plea filed by the officer in a case registered against him under sec. 376, 328 and 506 of IPC.

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