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Piracy Of Salman Khan’s “Radhe”: Delhi High Court Orders WhatsApp & Ors To Suspend Accounts Illegally Sharing Movie

In an interim relief against piracy of Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s new release “Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai”, a single judge bench of Justice Sanjeev Narula of the Delhi High Court has directed WhatsApp and other social media platforms to forthwith suspend accounts who are illegally sharing and/or selling pirated copies of the movie. Ordering a blanket protection against any form of piracy of the movie, the Court has restrained any unauthorised storing, reproducing, communicating, disseminating, circulating, copying, selling, offering for sale or making available copies of the film on WhatsApp or any other platform. The rights-holder for the movie, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd moved the High Court alleging that several pirated copies of the film, as well as various video clips were being circulated to the public at large for unauthorised viewing, download and storage, and that as the exclusive licensee and holder of various rights in the film, its interests were severely prejudiced due to such piracy. In protection of its rights, a criminal complaint was already initiated by writing to the Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra Cyber Digital Crime Unit, against known and unknown persons who were allegedly sharing the pirated copy of receipt of payment.

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