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Over 250 Members of the Bar Endorse Representation Seeking to Resume Physical Hearing with Safety Measures Before Bombay HC Chief Justice

A representation has been made before the Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court endorsed by over 250 members of the bar including some senior advocates asking for physical hearings to be resumed or in the alternative have regular hearings via video conferencing. Senior Advocates like BA Desai, Yusuf Muchhala, Rajani Iyer and Arif Bookwala are amongst the 254 advocates who have endorsed the said representation. Speaking to Live Law, Senior Advocate BA Desai said, “Needless to say, Courts must follow all safety precautions of social distancing, temperature checks etc. But regular public hearings should resume, there can be a system where the hearing itself is curtailed to the duration of submissions and one advocate is allowed inside the courtroom at a time and maybe one representative of the client can be allowed along with him.”

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