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Former SC/HC Judges, Lawyers Seek Reconstitution of Central Committee for Reforms in Criminal Law to Include Academic Representation, Trial Court Lawyers, Women, Dalits, etc.

Former High Court and Supreme Court Judges, Senior Advocates, Academics and Former Bureaucrats, working with the criminal justice system across the country, have urged the Central Committee for Reforms in Criminal Law not to proceed with the process of recommending criminal law reforms in India, unless it has adequate representation from such social groups and communities that have hitherto been failed by the justice delivery system. This is the second letter addressed to the Committee by the group, raising concerns over its composition and transparency in functioning. Through this letter, the addresses have called upon the Committee to communicate to the MHA that the process of suggesting “root and branch reform of Indian Criminal Law” cannot happen unless the committee is reconstituted to include representation from those communities that have endured the most of the failing criminal justice system, wider academic representation, and representation from trial court lawyers. The addresses seek representation of women, dalits, muslims, adviasis, transgender community, trade unions, legal historians, constitutional law scholars, academic with expertise in Criminal Law and Criminal Jurisprudence and advocates practising in the trial court, at what they call “the high table,” to ensure rigorous procedure and robust outcome.

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