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“Police Failed To Manage The Situation Appropriately”: Gujarat HC Grants Bail To Migrant Workers Arrested For Uproar Over Delay In Return

The Gujarat High Court on Tuesday granted bail to as many as 25 migrant workers, arrested on charges of murder and dacoity, for their alleged clash with the police personnel on May 17 at Rajkot, over delay in their return to their native states. The bench of Justice Gita Gopi stated that, “sentiments of the migrant labourers were at an all-time high on account of the prevailing situation” and “they wished to return to their native States as early as possible”, and that it was the police that had failed to manage / control the situation appropriately. Considering that the Supreme Court has asked all States/UTs to consider withdrawal of complaints/prosecution under the Disaster Management Act and other related offences lodged against the migrant labourers, who are alleged to have violated lockdown measures, the court exercised the discretion to enlarge them on bail.

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