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‘TV Channels Should Appoint Grievance Officers For Viewers’ Complaints’ : Centre Amends Cable TV Rules

The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has amended the Cable Television Network Rules, 1994, in order to set up a three-tier mechanism for redressal of viewers grievance relating to content broadcasted by Television channels in contravention of Programme Code or Advertising Code. They have come into force with their notification in the Official Gazette. Similar to the complaint redressal structure under the new social media rules framed under the IT Act, the present rules for regulation of broadcast content provide for:
• Level I – A self-regulation by broadcasters;
• Level II – Self-regulation by the self-regulating bodies of the broadcasters; and
• Level III – Oversight mechanism by the Central Government.
any person aggrieved by the content of a programme of a channel may file his complaint in writing to the broadcaster who will be bound to issue an acknowledgement to the complainant, within 24 hours and to dispose of the complaint within 15 days. Every Broadcaster is thus expected to establish a complaint redressal mechanism and appoint an officer to deal with the complaints received by it.

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