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Toon Controversy- ‘Can’t Teach Ethics To People; Cartoon Will Lose Life If Taken Without Context’: Madras HC Quashes Criminal Defamation Case

While quashing a criminal defamation case filed against a person who had published an alleged humiliating and defamatory cartoon on his Facebook page, the Madras High Court recently ruled that the Court cannot teach ethics to the people and it is for the Society to evolve and follow the ethical standards. Elaborating on the Toon Controversy, the Bench of Justice G. Ilangovan said: “In the recent times another problem, which was created by a cartoonist throughout the world is the “Toon Controversy”. That cartoon was about the Prophet Mohammed, which created controversy throughout the World. The discussion emanated from this episode is as to the limitations of freedom of speech and expression and as well as the principles of hate speech and expression.”

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