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PETA Moves Delhi HC Seeking Immediate Prohibition on Practising Inhumane Animal Husbandry Procedures & Cruel Methods Of Euthanising Animals

The People for Ethical Treatment Of All (PETA) have filed a writ petition before the Delhi High Court seeking an immediate prohibition on practising inhumane animal husbandry procedures and cruel methods adopted for euthanasia of animals in India. Petitioners also sought enactment of Rules under the Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act to improve the ‘prescribed manner’ for the said animal husbandry procedures. Citing examples of such animal husbandry procedures like dehorning, castration, branding and nose roping, the petitioners state-“They are exempted from the list of actions constituting cruelty to animals under Section 11 of the Prevention of Cruelty Towards Animals Act, 1960 provided the procedures are followed in a prescribed manner (Section 11(3)(a)). Further, Section 13 provides for euthanising animals whereas as per procedure laid therein, it would be cruel to keep the suffering animal alive. Thus, the legislative intent for providing the ‘prescribed manner’ in the statute is to ensure that the aforesaid procedures are carried out in a humane manner and the suffering animals are euthanised on humanitarian grounds.”

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