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Clarify Your Stand On The Requirement Of Doctor’s Prescription For COVID Testing: Delhi HC Directs ICMR

Delhi High Court has directed the Indian Council Of Medical Research to file an affidavit stating its stand on the requirement of a doctor’s prescription for testing of COVID19. The said direction has been issued by the Single Bench of Justice Navin Chawla in a plea challenging the mandatory requirement of a doctor’s prescription to undergo a COVID19 test. Filed by Mr Utsav Sidhu, Mr Reginald Valsalan, and Mr Rakesh Talukdar, the present writ petition raises the grievances of professionals who are required to travel to different states in course of their professional obligations. The Petitioners have submitted that many States, such as Himachal Pradesh, require the individuals to produce a COVID negative certificate before allowing them entry. It is pointed out by the Petitioner that by an advisory dated July 01, the ICMR had strongly advised States to ensure that laboratories are free to carry out tests, without the prior requirement of a doctor’s certificate.

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