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As Paytm Continues to Complain Phishing , Delhi HC Grants 6 Weeks To TRAI to Show Action Taken Against Non Implementation of TCCCPR Regulations

Delhi High Court has granted six weeks to Telecom Regulatory Authority of India to show action taken to ensure compliance with the Telecom Commercial Communication Customer Preference Regulation (TCCCPR), 2018. TCCCPR Regulations make it mandatory for every telecom operator to register telemarketers in order to prevent online frauds and phishing through unsolicited commercial calls (UCCs) and SMSs. The order has come in a plea moved by Paytm seeking protection of its consumers from the fraudulent phishing activities allegedly hosted on the platforms of multiple telecom service providers. Appearing for Paytm, Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave submitted that a timeline of 4 weeks must be imposed on TRAI to ensure that all the telecom operators are registering the headers in compliance with the 2018 Regulations.

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