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‘Registry Working Under Great Difficulty’ : Karnataka HC CJ Reprimands Lawyer For Sending Rude Email Over Listing Of Case

The Karnataka High Court on Wednesday reprimanded an advocate for sending a discourteous email to the registry over urgent listing of a case. Chief Justice Abhay S Oka asked the advocate to appear via video conferencing and expressed strong displeasure at his conduct. Urging the lawyers to act with patience until normalcy is restored, Justice Oka said “Let this message be conveyed to the members of the bar that the registry is working under great difficulty. The Advocate had sent an email to the Registry seeking an urgent hearing of his case. The registry then sent a reply to him asking whether he would want to e-file the matter or fix a date.” To which the advocate replied saying “You are not able to understand anything.” Following the admonishment by the Court, the Advocate apologised but also tried to clarify that it was a mistake committed by his junior who was not able to understand English.

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