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Employee Benefits, Compensation and Stock Option Plans

ALO advises corporate and individual clients on employee contracts and benefits, executive compensation and stock option plans. Within the context of the larger corporate practice, we advise on corporate, tax and fiduciary issues resulting from mergers, acquisitions, spin-offs, initial public offerings and other significant corporate events. We regularly advise clients on issues arising out of Outsourcing Human Resource Compliance and Practice ESOPs and performance pegged compensation packages.

Labor, Employment Regulations and Rightsizing

ALO routinely advises its clients on the entire spectrum of labor and employment matters. We draft employment, consultant and severance agreements, offer general corporate advice on the entire gamut of labor issues, compliance issues, structure compensation plans and represent our clients in litigation. We have defended actions in which independent contractors have claimed ‘workman’ status, enforced restrictive clauses in employment contracts, defended employees in actions seeking the enforcement of restrictive clauses, enforced and defended actions to recover confidential information, enforced and defended ‘no poach’ and non-compete agreements.

We have extensive experience of, and have spearheaded, both the formulation and the implementation of, downsizing programs with comprehensive downstream litigation support.

HR Compliance Audits

We regularly undertake company compliance reviews and provide certifications where required.